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02 December 2016 - 8:38 p.m.

Could You Repeat That? CLIV
Favorite Lines of Recent Reads

Spook, Mary Roach
If you found this book in the New Age section of your local bookstore, it was grossly misshelved, and you should put it down at once. If you found it while browsing Gardening, or Boats & Ships, it was also misshelved, but you might enjoy it anyway.

His Majesty's Dragon, Naomi Novik (x2)
She laughed and stepped back to the edge of the field as Temeraire put Laurence up, and stood watching them, shading her eyes with one hand, as they drove up into the air; a small figure, vanishing with every beat of the great wings, and then the gardens and the towers of the house rolled away behind the curve of a hill.

X, Sue Grafton
Let's skip the talk about my morning jog, which felt the same as it always did.

A Taste of Honey, Kai Ashante Wilson
He opened his eyes and a few wet blinks sufficed to clear away the blurriness. This could be borne and he would bear it. Aqib drew a long shuddering breath.

A Great Reckoning, Louise Penny
In the demi-darkness, all he saw were books. The walls were made of them. The tables were stacked with books. The one chair, illuminated, was covered in them, splayed open. Upholstered in stories.

Calamity, Brandon Sanderson
I skidded to a halt, then shot him in the face anyway. I mean, it had to be distracting, right? Even if the bullets bounced off? Maybe I could get one stuck in his nose or something.

I Am Princess X, Cherie Priest
And what did you find in the water, Princess X?
I found a boat full of bones, and a dead gray girl.

May clapped her hand over her mouth to keep in her scream.

The Shattering, Karen Healey
When everyone slept, on the mattresses spread out under the high carved rafters of the wharenui roof, I could feel the thick emotion leeching out of them, sticking to my skin like steam. I was surrounded by love, but it felt like I was smothered by it.


"Anyway, I don't cheat." She picked up her glass.
"Oh, yes, you do," Keri said. "You married me behind the bike sheds when we were seven. We exchanged gummy rings. Does that mean nothing to you? You're a cheating whore, Stardust, and I want a divorce."

Redshirts, John Scalzi
"That was your plan?" Dahl said a second later. "Hoping he'd pause in recognition before he shot you?"
"In retrospect, the plan has sigificant logistical issues," Finn admitted.

Zone One, Colson Whitehead
He stopped hooking up with other people once he realized the first thing he did was calculate whether or not he could outrun them.

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"The theatre is an
empty box, and it is
our task to fill it
with fury and ecstasy."
Geoffrey Tennant,
Slings and Arrows

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